I have a Gateway Solo with an internal 3Com NIC. Upon
upgrade to XP Pro it says the device is not functioning.
When I remove the device and restart, it does not
recognize it as a 3COM device and tries to install some
generic device. After the upgrade I could browse files in
either direction from two computers connected through a
crossover cable. After attempting to reinstall the device
I am now unable to browse in either direction through the
I went to the Gateway site and found the driver for the
card. It says that it is a part of WinXP. I located the
device in the list of NICs in WinXP and attempted to
install it. Upon completion I get the message that there
was a problem during installation "The device could not
I have attempted installation while in XP as well as
letting it come up and detect the device and then pointing
it at the correct driver.
Can someone please help me?