I was trying to verify that I would be able to export the 12-bit colour
depth images for editing in my normal editor if I got a Nikon 5700.

But their mannual doesn't really specify if it will or will not export full
depth images -- one would hope that Nikon was above playing a spoil-sport
by automatically converting from 12/36bit down to 8/24bit whenever you
export an image. Their docs seem to tell a lot of lies about Jpegs & TIFFs
being limited to 8bit/channel, I had hoped that at least they'd allow you
to export images as PNG, but apparantly not.
They do list Jpeg & Tiff as file types, does anyone know if those
are either JP2/Jpeg2000 (basically unlimited colour depths) or TIFF 6.0
(64bit) formats ?