We currently have an AIX 5.1 ml03 system running as our NIM master.

Whenever I do a software install and have it list the filesets for me
to select which ones I wish to have installed on the client, the
install will fail. If I then hit F3 to go back, open up a window on
the master and do reset of the machine resource, then rerun the
install, it will work fine.

Basically it breaks down to having to reset the client system from the
master any time I perform an action requiring the client to query a
resource on another server.

It is not isolated to any particular resource, or lppsource. Nor does
it matter which resource server the resource resides, or even if the
resource is on the master itself.

Has anyone run into this issue before? I've been around the block a
few times with IBM support, and am looking for a fresh view on things.