I'm fairly new -- use Dreamweaver MX.

I set up a small site that redirects to my main site.
I kept it small while making sure the redirect works.

Now I can't make any changes to it. I get "there is
no editable text -- and refers to a template --"

I don't want a template -- just my simple text.

Under C:/SITES I have set up a completely different name and still end up with the same problem.

I can type in changes to my text -- try to PUT it out, and I still end up with my original, unedited text.

I currently have a thin blue line around all the text I want that says editable text. I also need to get rid of this.

I have tried chaning the file name in c:/Sites -- and starting from scratch -- but end up with the same problem.

small site: [url]www.wallowinabundance.com[/url] (currently on a 5 second redirect)
site it redirects to: [url]www.wallow-in-abundance.com[/url]

Any help will be appreciated.