Lance W. Haverkamp wrote:
> Hi,
> I've tried Mandrake, Knoppix, Debian, ELX (red hat) even IcePack. No one
> can get sound out of this onboard chip set.
> Mandrake does correctly identify it--but does not play any sound.
> I see in the forums there is a HUGE amount of interest in this 'problem'
> audio chip.
> Does anyone have experience here?
> Thanks,
> Lance at TheHaverkamps dot net
> (800) 290-9522
I use this chipset (2.4.21 kernel) and all i did was turn on 'VIA 82C686
Audio Codec' in the kernel config. i aways get a bunch of messages like
this one: via_audio: ignoring drain playback error -11 but it plays sound