I installed AIX520(ml1) and PSSP3.5(ml8) and HMC r3v22 on a p690
system. I configured some Lpars with disks, ethernet adapters etc..
Everything lincluding setup_server is OK, the lppsource and spot are
created fine. But the installation (or customization0 "nodecond 1 7"
endS in error: "Unable to find U1.5-P2-I6 in the device tree", this
location is the sp-ethernet adapter. The adapter is OK because I can
use it on that machine. The /etc/bootptab.info is also correctLY
copied (splstdata -b). When I monitor (via s1term) the nodecond you
can see that all the other ethernet slots are skipped, but still
recognized (get_package_loc OK). Only the sp-ethernet is the problem.
Even when I assign an other ethernet pci to this partition the problem
is on that location. I think there must be some bug or so
Anyone with hints or tips
Jan Willem de Lange