Hi guys and gals,

Ok, I am a new to all of this so help me out here if you dont mind.

I have a presentation on flash which will envolve video. So lets see if I
understand this or have some idea then you tell me what I am missing.

One I have my own domain, so I have a place to put my website presentation
I am working on.

But, as I understand it, the actual video file will not reside on my
website, but instead on the server.....
When the website is accessed via my domain and the web user activates the
video stream it calls for the file which is on the server . Am I on target so

Ok, next question, I am going to be testing the server can be dowloaded
from macromedia site. My question is this. Can I use one of my 3 computers as
the server for now as a testing ground?