i am starting to have these awesome new errors in my logs which cause
the server to stop running. nothing is showing up in the win event
logs, it simply just stops w a jrun connection error and this in the
cf logs:

at java.util.Arrays$ArrayList.<init>(Arrays.java:2342 )
at java.util.Arrays.asList(Arrays.java:2328)
coldfusion.mail.MailSpooler.refreshSpoolFiles(Mail Spooler.java:1503)
at coldfusion.mail.MailSpooler.run(MailSpooler.java:8 97)
at coldfusion.scheduling.ThreadPool.run(ThreadPool.ja va:201)
at coldfusion.scheduling.WorkerThread.run(WorkerThrea d.java:70)

somtimes it's scheduler-1 thru scheduler-5

as soon as these start, no server. when the server is restarted, these
stop and all is well.

any ideas?