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"Not Enough Memory" FAQ broken link - Adobe Illustrator Windows

In the FAQ topic "Not Enough Memory" there is a link to a knowledgebase article. Clicking the link does not get to an such article can be located. What is the correct KB article, and how can I read it for more information?...

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    Default "Not Enough Memory" FAQ broken link

    In the FAQ topic "Not Enough Memory" there is a link to a knowledgebase article. Clicking the link does not get to an such article can be located. What is the correct KB article, and how can I read it for more information? Guest

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    Default Re: "Not Enough Memory" FAQ broken link

    Try this one: <>

    Bob Guest

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    Default Re: "Not Enough Memory" FAQ broken link


    I've updated it in the FAQ too... Guest

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    Default Re: "Not Enough Memory" FAQ broken link

    Sorry, guys...but both of the above replies point to a KB file about "troubleshooting damaged files" NOT about "not enough memory."

    ???what am I missing?

    DA Guest

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    Default Re: "Not Enough Memory" FAQ broken link

    >>what am I missing?<<
    You're missing the fact that message is triggered by damaged files... Guest

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    Default Re: "Not Enough Memory" FAQ broken link

    >>what am I missing?<<
    You're missing the fact that that message is triggered by damaged files... Guest

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    Default Re: "Not Enough Memory" FAQ broken link

    aha...and what would lead me to the conclusion that a "not enough memory" message is caused by damaged files?

    DA Guest

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    Default Re: "Not Enough Memory" FAQ broken link

    That Troubleshooting link would give you that information, DA.

    Bob Guest

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    Default Re: "Not Enough Memory" FAQ broken link

    Has it ever occurred to Adobe that this error message might be just a teensy misleading? There are at least three threads going now about this same problem. The FAQ isn't particularly helpful, even if you can find it. Instead of FAQs about workarounds and fixing corrupt files, how about fixing the root problem, which is obviously Illustrator's flaky file handling? If I sound a bit hostile about this, it's probably because I spent the better part of two days this week trying to figure out why I kept getting the "Not enough memory" error, when memory had absolutely nothing to do with the problem. Guest

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    Default Re: "Not Enough Memory" FAQ broken link


    This is a User to User Forum. Perhaps if you contacted Adobe professional support (which does have a fee attached) they could get more specific to YOUR problem. It's hard for us sometimes to come up with an answer as unless we also have the problem or have had the problem and we don't know your system, we have to go through various "fixes" that MIGHT help. But then WE don't charge you anything either. Good luck though.

    Bob Guest

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    Default Re: "Not Enough Memory" FAQ broken link

    Well Bob, its all well and good to refer people to the paid tech support service but that should be reserved for people who need help using your software. No one, no one, should be charged for helping you to find and correct bugs in your products.

    If there are many people having this problem, then obviously Adobe is responsible for finding the bug and fixing it. Not to smugly refer people to pay out additional money only to make a product they already paid for work properly. Guest

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    Default Re: "Not Enough Memory" FAQ broken link

    Thanks, Andy. I completely agree. This issue is a growing problem with Adobe products. They never admit there's anything wrong and the standard reply to any problem is to trash preferences. Instead of fixing the root causes of the problems (arcane memory management, fragile files, error messages that have nothing to do with the problem, preferences handling that has been broken for years, and so on), Adobe just denies that there are any problems at all. The dot releases are fewer and her between than ever. And as for paying for support for buggy software, I will NEVER do that, nor should anyone else. It is Adobe's obligation to support their products, especially when those products obviously have defects. I've worked in the software industry for long enough to know a bug when I encounter one and also to know when a company has given up respecting it customers. If ever a company needed to look up the definition of hubris, Adobe is that company. Guest

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    Default Re: "Not Enough Memory" FAQ broken link

    Andy, Malcom,

    Perhaps I'm not communicating well and if so, I apologize, but you seem to be under the impression that I (since I'm the one that posted) am an employee of Adobe. I am not. This is a USER TO USER forum. That means that people here are users, such as yourself. Sometimes there are Adobe engineers that might pop in, but they do so on their own, not because it's part of their job.

    When I or anyone else enters a reply to help you, they are doing so from either their own personal experience, from past replys, or from some knowledge they have gained from all avenues, including items in the knowledge base.

    Many problems people run into is due to THEIR system, it's management, and other progtrams they might have on it. Since this variation can be considerably different from my system or others, a "fix" has to be tried by first learning what makes those a variant. Obviously this requires a two way dialog. Attitude means a lot, as no one HAS to answer you or give you help here. And if someone isn't getting what they want or feel they need here, there is that fee for help avenue available where you can personally phone and get direct contact with the helper. THEY will give you the time and personal attention that in most cases will get you up and running, if it's possible. Even there, however, it takes a two way communication with both sides working for a common goal, and that's a fix.

    WE here in this forum CAN NOT change a thing in program design, nor in most cases, would we, since in most cases WE aren't having the same problem. We are either trying to fix your problem WITH your help, or give you a work around that WE or others have found that works.

    Good luck.

    Bob Guest

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    Default Re: "Not Enough Memory" FAQ broken link

    Thank you, Bob, for explaining your position in this fourm...because there are occasionally Adobe employees who answer questions here, it is difficult to know who is who... is bordering on criminal that Adobe could release such costly, widely used, (and useful) yet buggy software without offering any way for users to officially report bugs without paying additional money for support. That these fora are so busy is proof enough that there are problems with the software. That Adobe never admits to there being problems makes it even more difficult to deal with.

    Admittedly, the modern pc environment is complex and variable, but that is the world into which Adobe chooses to sell its products. That given, they should at least make a good-faith effort at providing a mechanism for resolving the results of their questionable programming choices.

    ....just my $.02 as a frustrated and abandoned-feeling user.

    DA Guest

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    Default Re: "Not Enough Memory" FAQ broken link


    I'm well aware that these forums are user-to-user. It's Adobe's way of avoiding the cost associated with supporting their products. It's appalling that they don't provide any other means of support besides paying additional money for it. I've used Adobe's Technical Support in the past and it was every bit as useless as their Customer Service (an oxymoron in this case).

    Adobe has a virtual monopoly in the graphics market, which makes the situation even worse. Monopolists invariably disrespect their customers and view them simply as sources of cash to be squeezed until they're dry.

    Let me ask you you have any contact with Adobe management? Do they understand the depth of the anger they're generating by refusing to acknowledge their customers' problems with their software? If they don't, perhaps you should let them know that they should be reading these forums. Guest

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    Default Re: "Not Enough Memory" FAQ broken link

    Malcom, DA,

    I don't have any closer relationship to Adobe management than you do, but have you written to: <> There are as many reasons why it's impractical to offer the same tech service without charge as there are questions here. But probably the largest (this is coming from me, not Adobe) is the additional cost customers would have to pay for programs. Would you pay that additional price? I doubt it. Many, if not most program makers don't even offer User to User forums due to the problems. Where is the free tech help for CorelDraw and MacroMedia Freehand?

    Good luck.

    Bob Guest

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    Default Re: "Not Enough Memory" FAQ broken link


    I'm sorry for your confusion regarding support for Adobe products. If you refer to the following link <> you will find the product defects are not billable.

    "As a registered owner of the current version of an Adobe product, you are eligible to receive person-to-person support on issues related to installation and product defects, including crashes and errors caused by the Adobe software. There is no charge for this service; you only pay for the cost of the call."

    Also, you can report a bug at the following location on the site. <>. It can be found under the Contact Us button at the top of every page.

    Hope this helps.

    Product Support Manager - Adobe Illustrator Guest

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    Default Re: "Not Enough Memory" FAQ broken link

    "Not Enough Memory" error solution1:

    For about 2 weeks I have been looking for answers to why I could not open old Illustrator 10 files in Illustrator CS, and I still don't know why this happens although according to some people in other forums, they claim the Illustartor 10 file is corrupt, which I refused to believe since the file opens with no problems in Illustrator 10.

    I just recentrly found a solution to successfully opening the damn files in Illu. CS

    Just open Illustrator CS and instead of opening a old IL 10 or 9 file, place/import it into a blank page. VOILA!! The file open perfect and when you save it, it usually even saves it as as a
    smaller file size, and it opens faster then in IL 10... go figure.

    Good day to you all...
    G` Guest

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