I have developed a VB6 program which runs a stored procedure.
Depending on its input parameters this stored procedure runs one of
three DTS packages using the sp_OA system stored procs. Several users
are using the program. Everything works fine for several hours until
at some point in time the sp_OAMethod in the stored proc starts to
fail and comes up with an error "Not enough storage is available to
process this command". I've found no other way to get over this
problem except stopping and restarting SQL Server. There's plenty of
memory and disk space etc available at the time when the problem
occurs. Here are short descriptions what the DTS packages do:

Package one queries some cube metadata using DSO. Server, catalog and
cube name are passed to the package by setting global variables using

Package two reprocesses an OLAP cube. The TreeKey defining the cube
to process is passed from the stored proc to the package by setting a
global variable using sp_OASetProperty system stored proc.

Package three runs a SQL command which is passed to the DTS Package by
setting a global variable using sp_OASetProperty.

Someone might wonder why I'm doing these things via DTS packages. The
reason is that I had to minimize the access rights that the endusers
need, especially to avoid making all users OLAP Administrators (which
is basically needed to reprocess a cube or use DSO).

We are using SQL Server 2000 SP 3 and ysis Services 2000 SP 3 on
W2K server.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.