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My siblings and are going to band together and buy Mom a digital camera. Only requirements are Point and shoot flash available zoom, inexpensive battery disposable only's thanks. Any suggestions? P.S. I would like 4 meg pixels. thanks Ralph W....

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    Default O.T. Suggestions for a camera?

    My siblings and are going to band together and buy Mom a digital camera.
    Only requirements are Point and shoot flash available zoom, inexpensive
    battery disposable only's thanks. Any suggestions?
    P.S. I would like 4 meg pixels.
    Ralph W.

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    Default Re: O.T. Suggestions for a camera?

    Hi Ralph, We have a Nikon Coolpix 4300 and it is really easy to use.
    Almost every camera that you can get today from a good manufacturer, will fill the bill. Canon, Olympus, Sony, Kodak, and many more
    Go to a local camera store and try some, how is the weight, the shutter delay, the zoom, the feel of the camera and ease of controls. Ignore digital zoom.
    You don't need a lot of the fancy expensive options if she is going to point and shoot. Some have 'scene' modes, you just set it to for example 'landscape' and start snapping.
    I spent a week looking over this site,
    and there is where I made the decision to get the Nikon Coolpix 990, we still have and use it, but it is heavy.

    The prices have dropped dramatically for what you get. For under $350 you can get a wonderful camera.
    You will get much more excellent info from all the people here.
    Jane Guest

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    Default Re: O.T. Suggestions for a camera?

    thanks Jane I will look at Steve's digicams. Your advice, as usual is
    Ralph W Guest

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    Default Re: O.T. Suggestions for a camera?

    Ralph, you might want to look at the Minolta Dimage S414. That's the camera
    used by Barb Wayne (imacgirl), who has taken some absolutely remarkable
    photos with it. Of course, 90% of the credit must go to the
    photographer...! In any event, it's a 4-megapixel camera with prices now
    hovering around $300. It runs on 4 AA batteries, which of course can be
    purchased as rechargeables almost anywhere. Great camera, well demonstrated
    by Barb!

    Chuck Guest

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    Default Re: O.T. Suggestions for a camera?

    I also suggest for a lot of information regarding cmaeras available. Although I own two Sony digital cameras that I love, the Canon Elph series cameras are great because of the size. Your mom could put this in her purse and carry it everywhere without even noticing the weight.
    Julio Guest

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    Default Re: O.T. Suggestions for a camera?

    I fell in love with the idea of the Kodak EasyShare systems and bought one
    of their 3 mp cameras. It stopped operating abount a month later and I
    waited six weeks for it to come back from the shop. That unit eventually
    broke again and I got on the wait list for the 6340 (or 6440). They were
    rather large, but had great features and could be operated by a child or
    while you were being chased by a bear. The 6340 finally arrived and I was
    thrilled - it was defective and I had to return it.

    I now own an Olympus Stylus 400 (only $50 more than the 300) and wish I had
    gone there from the beginning. It's small, almost as simple to operate as
    the Kodak and much, much better quality. For mom's casual use, you could
    probably do well with a 3mp, as that will make high quality 8x10 prints.

    <com> wrote in message

    Michael Guest

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    Default Re: O.T. Suggestions for a camera?

    OK, everyone's going to vote for their favorite camera, so here's mine. Canon just came out with the A80, a 4-megapixel version of the A70. I have the A70 and think it's great because of its flexibility. Everything from 100% automated with flash all the way to macro mode, movie mode, shutter priority, aperture priority, panorama assist, and lots more. Oh, and it takes great pictures. :-) Here's more info:

    <> Guest

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    Default Re: O.T. Suggestions for a camera?

    Statement: I don't own any stock.
    Several weeks ago I sold a Fuji camera -I 'm still a little in retail business as well- with the new chip with extended exposure latitude to a very good friend. Now she is still a very good friend!
    The only problem with this camera is that she is constantly mailing new images to me.

    I 'm amazed what this small camera can achieve; because of its wider latitude it is more forgiving than other digital cameras when it comes to capturing extremely contrasty situations like in bright sunlight.

    BTW, Lou, I also own an A70 and use it for passport photos. It is indeed an excellent camara. So, an extra vote. ;-)

    Leen Guest

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    Default Re: O.T. Suggestions for a camera?

    Another vote for the Canon A70/A80. I just bought an A70 for my wife to take on her next trip to Africa. I've been doing some comparison shots in the back yard with it, taking identical shots with my Oly E20 and my Nikon CP 950. The little Canon beats the old Nikon by a mile in color and resolution, and it compares very well to the much more expensive 5 megapixel E20. I am very impressed! The A70 is on sale here locally for $279. It's only 3.2 megapix, though. I haven't priced the 4 mp A80. Probably about a hundred bucks more.
    Bert Guest

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    Default Re: O.T. Suggestions for a camera?

    My previous cam was a Powershot A20, from Canon. It served me well untill my needs changed from P&S
    to SLR. I regret selling since then, though, because carrying the big SLR is not an easy task, when
    compared with the lightness of the A20.. :)


    Ray Guest

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    Default Re: O.T. Suggestions for a camera?

    Hi Chuck,

    Thanks...what an enthusiastic review. How do you want that check made out? ;-)

    Ralph, here's <> a review of the Minolta Dimage S414. If you click on imacgirl, all my galleries at PBase (excluding the black & white and animations) were shot with that camera.

    Hope you find a camera that makes her happy, a lovely gift indeed.

    Barb Guest

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    Default Re: O.T. Suggestions for a camera?

    Hi, Barb: My son wants a digital camera for Christmas, and the Minolta S414
    is at the top of the short list - in spite of this being a Canon family (2
    35mm, 3 digitals)


    Chuck Guest

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    Default Re: O.T. Suggestions for a camera?

    In my opinion almost all cameras of Fuji, Canon, Minolta, Olympus and other traditional manufacturers are OK. Some "non traditionals" often try to sell cameras by means of adding of a lot of gadgets no one ever needs.
    It is just a matter of checking which features one really needs and then it 's just up to the best price.

    Sometimes it might be useful to check which cards the other members of the household use; this might save quite some money as usually you don't need these cards at the same time.

    Leen Guest

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    Default Re: O.T. Suggestions for a camera?

    If it were my mom...I'd buy her the Olympus Stylus 400. Mind you I do not own one, but I was thinking about getting my daughter one, so I've read the reviews. It's easy to use (the sliding lens cap would be a real plus) and not too many gadgets. All the reviews I've read say it takes great pics. It's tough and waterproof, but also compact and portable. AND...although it is not important to some people, it looks very stylish. Steve's digicam site gives it a very good review and he is very picky!

    <> Guest

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    Default Re: O.T. Suggestions for a camera?


    There are many good suggestions here and I can't give you any one brands
    over another but here is a suggestion. When purchasing a camera, consider
    its size and how it will fit into the new photographer's hands. One
    Christmas my wife wanted a new camera. I originally thought of one of
    those tiny cameras that could fit into a shirt pocket and I was about to buy
    one when I remembered ... . My wife has a touch of arthritis and I
    thought the controls of a very small camera could have been a problem to
    adjust. So I picked one that would fit well in her average size hands, so
    that she could access the controls easier. Then I bought her a shirt with
    slightly bigger pockets. Seriously consider the camera based on your
    mothers needs and how she will use it. Too small or too large can creat
    problems for the user.

    Grant Guest

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    Default Re: O.T. Suggestions for a camera?

    Which Fuji model, Leen? Guest

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    Default Re: O.T. Suggestions for a camera?

    Leen makes a good point about trying to minimize card types, although it probably does not apply in the case of Ralph's mother.
    It was a definite consideration when I bought the Canon A70 because I wanted a camera that used CF cards...which both my other cameras use.
    That's why I did not buy the Oly Stylus 400 which Patti recommended. I loved the camera, but it uses xD cards which I find too small and I fear they would be easy to lose. Also, they are currently more expensive around here for comparable sizes.
    I also like cameras that use standard batteries...all mine use AA's. Not only are they usually cheaper, but also if you need emergency supplies on the road you need go no further than the closest drug or department store.
    Bert Guest

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    Default Re: O.T. Suggestions for a camera?

    loving my Fuji S5000 ! Guest

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