I am on a G5 2.0 GHz with 3 Gigs of memory, running OS Panther 10.3.8
and InDesign CS Premium, with Adobe Pagemaker Plug-In pack.

I was wondering if there is a way to save the workspace position and
docking position of Object Libraries & SmartStyles Libraries (3rd Party
Libraries by WoodWing) ?

I use a specific layout workspace for these double truck spreads, and
would like to open all my object libraries in their correct positions
whenever I have to quit and reopen InDesign.

I tried saving "Workspace" and it didn't seem to apply to object

is this possible?

also, on the off-chance that anybody knows SmartStyles, on occasion, my
"Place Item" choice in the drop-down menu is grayed-out and is not
always able to be used. It's sorta wacky - i suppose i could go through
the rigamarole of contacting Woodwing, but thought i would mention it
in case some one here reading this is familiar with this problem.

Also, is anyone familiar with writing scripts for object libraries (and
smartstyles) that would allow for a "keyboard shortcut" to "place item"
? I find it very tedious to have to "mouse over" to the dropdown menu
and precisely select "add item" over and over again. I suppose I will
have to learn scripting (or force our PC IT guy to ;) in order to do
this, but i am on deadline for the next 3 weeks and don't have the time
necessary to learn it.

Thanks for any and all help with these issues.