Hi all,
i'm trying to get the mail adress from an user using the
ModFindUserEmailInUserList code from the Code Librarian.
It doesn't work. Here is the code:
Function modFindUserEmailInUserList(strItem)

'// declarations
Dim strUL_SAM
Dim strUL_MAIL

'// init UL vars
strUL_SAM = "SAMAccountName"
strUL_MAIL = "mail"

'// assume failure
modFindUserEmailInUserList = ""

Set ulist = Session.userlist

On Error Resume Next
'// find user in userlist
ulist.Find strUL_SAM & "='" & Session.Item(strItem)
& "'"

'// check for fail
If Err Or ulist.EOF Or ulist.BOF Then
Exit Function
On Error GoTo 0
modFindUserEmailInUserList = ulist(strUL_MAIL)
End If

End Function

What can I do to get info grom the ModUserList table?