Can ODBC Drivers on a client machine cause a dateconversion ERRORs when
recevieing data back from SQL server:

Description[microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Drivers][Sql Server] Syntax Error
converting character string to smalldate data type
Source: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers.

The error does not occur at the SQL Server end, as iv used profiler to
capture all the commands sent from the client to the SQL Server before the
error message is displayed. Ive then Ran thes statements in Queryyzer
everything seems to work fine.

Its seems that the data thats is generated from the statements and returned
to the client causes the problem?? Can ODBC Drivers on the client machine
read the data can cause the error, even before the VB code gets hold of
Corrupt Mdac??

If it was a problem within the CLient VB code there error would have been