Hi Tim,

[email]trodgersworld.std.com[/email] (Tim Rodgers) writes:
> - I install the ODBC Oracle 8i driver. Next, I configure the ODBC
> Administrator (someone in-house knows how to do that). I then write
> my app using the iODBC SDK from OpenLink. My app talks through the
> SDK to ODBC which talks to the Oracle 8i Driver which chats across
> the LAN to the Oracle server on the PeeCee. Am I right?
You got the idea.
> - Is there a good/best tool I can use to make sure I've set up ODBC
> Administrator correctly? Some sort of SQL browser thing?
There probably is. If you can't find one, you can always just write a
short helloworld-type program.
> - Is OpenLink the only and best source for an ODBC SDK for Mac OS X?
> I've seen mention of an iodbc open source project. For the life of
> me, I can't find any information at developer.apple.com.
I'm not sure what OpenLink provides. I have used the ODBC libraries
and includes as they come with the Developer Tools and that has worked
for me. I only had to fiddle a bit with the actual names of the
include files, as the application that I was compiling didn't
recognise the exact configuration automatically.

Hope this helps, benny