I have not found a discussion of this here. My apologies if there has been.

System: WinXP / 256MB RAM / 1.6 Mhz
InDesign: CS 3.0.1

I'm guessing that this is a memory problem. Here is what happens: I load and use ID to work on small-to-moderate sized doent. Then I load and use another large program, such as Acrobat 6 or a graphics application, such as Paintshop (pardon the heresy).

When I return to ID, all that will display of the app is the Tollbox on the left-hand side of the screen. Nothing else. The Toolbox is "active" in that I can move it about, double-click to change its location, etc. But ID does not show up on the Windows TaskBar, nor does it show up in the Task Manager / Applications tab. It DOES show up under the Task Manager / Processes tab--which is the only way to remove ID from memory and start over.

Nothing else is harmed, and ID seems unharmed from the experience. It is just irritating, because one has to start all over again. In the old days a crashed program would just lock up--not disappear. Which means, I suppose, that this could be pointing to a display driver conflict--but that wouldn't explain why it suddenly goes missing in the Task Manager.

Any ideas?