the last time that i needed to DL extensions was right after the
macromedia/adobe merger. being a longtime dreamweaver user, i was very familiar
with the exchange and had no problem with it except that i was a bit slow to
browse through. and, also, being a longtime photoshop user, i was familiar with
the adobe support/downloads/forums etc. as well. i have a new computer and am
now using dw 8 and am looking for some dw extensions. the exchange no longer
lists information about the software compatibility of the extensions. so i came
to the forum to look for information. the dw general forum lists 119814 topics,
and yet i can only access 2 pages (40 topic). my next step was to seek out a
<b><i>forum</i></b> forum. the closest thing i found, linked from
[url][/url] (which also links to this forum)
was under general/forum comments. i discovered that it required a different
log-in procedure, requiring a first/last name for user, instead of the email
address that this forum requires. well, this turns out to be defined as a 'user
to user' forum and restricted to only that. for example, the faq had a question
regarding downloads (i'm thinking maybe i'll find a link to a
better-functioning dw exchange). but the answer to this 'faq' was 'there are no
downloads in the user to user forum'. i want to be able to get dw extensions
and to locate a forum that addresses this activity. i also want to locate a
forum that discusses the functionality of the support forums in general. and,
possibly, most importantly, i want to be able to access more than just the 40
most recent postings in a forum that claims to have almost 12,000 topics.
thanks, jf