Getting intermittent OLEDB errors with ColdFusion 5, will switching to ODBC
instead of OLEDB help? Please see description of problem below: I am using
OLEDB data connections SQL 2000 SP2 - CF 5 (no service packs) Win 2K Sp 2. I
have just recently started getting a string of odd data connection errors OLEDB
Error Code = 18456 Login failed for user 'sa' (userame is not relevant have
tried different users - defaulted back to SA to see if was a permission issue)
I have started seeing this sporadically on my CF servers - you can actually get
the error and hit refresh and everything is fine. The login's are valid - the
network connection is good. I upgraded to MDAC 2.7 RTM - didn't help (was at
2.5) Anyone else have this problem at all? Does anyone have a legitimate fix?