I have seen strange backup entries in the bar_act.log file on IDS 9.4.UC1 with Veritas 4.5..
Yesterday, I had added new dbspaces to the system...
Usually when level-1 onbar backup is inititiated, the system automatically starts Level-0 backup when it sees new dbspaces/or data structure has been changed.

But, when level-1 was initiated yesterday after new dbspaces were added, the Level-1 did take place for all the other dbspaces except for the 10 new dbspaces I had added. For those 10 dbspaces, it did level-0 backup...

Now that I find strange that the system did not initiate level-1 backups but level-0 for newly added dbspaces and for others level-1.

Please let me know if this is something new with 9.4 version becuase in earlier versions had never seen this or some Bug...

Venkatesh Konnur

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