Hey -- This is recontinuing the thread from 7/9/2003 on Applying Snap Layers
to Body Tag.

Alan -- thanks for your help. My layers are snapping in the right area, but
IE6 seems to be ignoring my onResize commands. Here is the erring page:


This is the <body> code, which looks fine but isn't:

<body leftmargin="0" topmargin="0"
onLoad="P7_Snap('layerimg','ITClass',0,0,....blahb y blahby)"
onResize="P7_ReDoIt();P7_Snap('layerimg','ITClass' ,0,0,... etc.)">

I thought of getting around this by reapplying the SNAP to the onMouseOvers
in my hotspots, but of course the last picture will always appear over the
map, not to mention that there has to be a more efficient way of fixing

Thanks for taking the time,