Can somone help me? I have a web page that I am using frames with and I can
get things to go into the frame I want as long as I am on the same page. But my
question is how do I get from a totally different page and link to this other
page that I have all my frames on and have one of the links display the info.
right into the frame once the page is loaded?
The web site I've created is called [url][/url] The home
page is a page I've created from image ready that is part of photoshop. If you
click on the floor plans link at the top, it goes to another page without the
townhouse picture on it, but the main frame is blank. If you click on the
Community Amenities link, you?ll see how my frames work. I want to be able to
click on the Community Amenities from the home page and have it show up when I
go into this next page. I have to do this because I don?t want that picture of
the townhouse on the other pages other than the home page. I don?t have any of
the other links on the home page working yet. Does anyone have any ideas of
what I could do with this? Thanks a lot for your help. I appreciate it.