Dear sir,

We are going to buy a Fujitsu Siemens TX200 server for a customer but we are
not sure if it can work with Open Server 5.0.7. Has anyone of you tried it
with that operation system? In a Sco webpage we have read that the drives
should be ready in a few months. We need the server to work before that
date, can you help us in some ways?

I thnk you in advance waiting for a promptly answer.

Best regards


Euro Soft Srl

From [url][/url]

Notes on This Product
Tests where made with:
1- PhoenixBIOS Version 4.06 Rev. 1.05.1419.
2- Using Adaptec ASR-2010S zero channel Raid controller as disk
controllers for boot.

NOTE: At this moment of time, Adaptec is still testing the SCO
OpenServer 5.0.X driver
"accraid" for both the ASR-2120S Raid and ASR-2200S Raid and "ad320"
for the onboard
Adaptec AIC-790X ultra320 SCSI controller.
The drivers should be ready by August/september time.

The Adaptec OpenServer5 "dpti" BTLD ver. 1.14 driver for Adaptec
ASR-2010S zero
channel I2O raid controller.

This driver "dpti" is only available at Fujitsu-siemens Computer
website or on the
latest FSC Server start CD.


The driver is available under:
Products --> Components --> Raid controller --> Adaptec

When unpacking, two set of floppies are created. DISK1 is
the BTLD drivers. DISK2 is the
Adaptec Software GUI Raid manager.

Installation: defbootstr link="dpti5"