I made an .hlp file and i want director to open it when people press the F1 key.

I can trigger the F1 key (keycode 122) but how do i let it open a program?

I tried the gotonetpage command (i just tried) and the open command but it did not work. I can trigger an alert with the key so i know the code to trigger it is allright.

I dont want to use any extras in fact but if there are no other ways it should at least be costless. i heard of the file extra on [url]www.kenlab.net/xtras[/url] but its showing offline. Is there something to do with the FileIO xtra Macromedia is giving me?

BuddyApi is already used but if there is no other wa can anyone give me the code to try to open the file?

Thanks in advanced,

the Netherlands