Hi all,

I've got a rather weird problem that I could only find one minor hint
for but nothing that helped. I hope this is the right group to put my
problem forward to.

I got my system set up from scratch including cups-1.1.18 and
ghostscript-7.05 (ESPGS), and everything works well. Now I installed
OpenOffice 1.0.2 from a binary package and it works nicely enough for
me. So no complaints. Except: I can print the cups test page as root and
user, I can print any postscript doent from the command line via lpr
as user so I know my cups installation is ok, and I can print the ooo
testpage from the spadmin tool as root. I didn't try printing a doent
as root, maybe I should. But I certainly can't even print the ooo
testpage as a user. And no doents either. I'm left with printing to a
file and then printing the file from the command line. Workable, but not
the most comfortable way ...

As I said as a user I can print from the command line using "lpr
some-postscript-file.ps". So I am pretty sure it's not an issue of

When I try printing a doent from ooo it doesn't even show up in cups'
completed jobs list. Not even as aborted or anything. It merely gets lost.

I set LogLevel to "debug" in cupsd.conf without turning up anything.
There is nothing in the log files related to the problem either. Is
there any way I should configure the syslogd to get more info added to
the logs?

I am rather baffled. Any ideas anyone?