I am trying to edit a role setting but when i click on "Edit Role Settings" it
pops up a message:

"Operation Failed. The resource is not a directory, or there might be a
permission problem"

As suggested in a previous thread, I ran FTPServerChecker and only received
two errors. Neither of them applied to me as I am using contribute 3 and one
error was for contribute 2. The other said to ignore the error if you are using
a windows server, which I am. What can I do to get this working? Thanks. Here
is the log from FTPServerChecker if that helps:

NOTE: "Serv-U FTP server" has been detected.
There is a known issue reported with Contribute 2.0 and Serv-U server.
If you are using Contribute 2.0, please download a patch from here
<a target=_blank class=ftalternatingbarlinklarge


Login:</a> SUCCESS!

Directory Listing Test: SUCCESS!

Make Directory Test: SUCCESS!

Change Directory Test: SUCCESS!

Upload a File Test: SUCCESS!

Fallback Test for Optimization: SUCCESS!

Server State Test: SUCCESS!

File/Directory NameExists Test: SUCCESS!

File/Directory NOT Exists Test: SUCCESS!

TimeStamp Test: SUCCESS!

Rename Test: SUCCESS!

Move File To Sub Dir Test: SUCCESS!

Move File To Parent Dir Test: SUCCESS!

Change Permission test: Error.
If your FTP server runs on windows operating system, you may ignore this error.
If your FTP server runs on UNIX based operating system, please check
If you are using an anonymous or guest account, you might not have privileges
change permissions. Please check with your server administrator.

-------------------------------- FTP log from the last operation
> CWD /c:/websites/aaa/mm_diagnose
< 250 Directory changed to /c:/websites/aaa/mm_diagnose
> SITE CHMOD 755 rename_test3_parent_.mm
< 501 SITE option not supported.
> CWD /c:/websites/aaa/mm_diagnose/rename_test3_parent_.mm
< 550 /c:/websites/aaa/mm_diagnose/rename_test3_parent_.mm: No such file or
> CWD /c:/websites/aaa/mm_diagnose
< 250 Directory changed to /c:/websites/aaa/mm_diagnose
> RNFR rename_test3_parent_.mm
< 350 File or directory exists, ready for destination name
< 226 ABOR command successful.


Cleaning Test File: SUCCESS!

Cleaning Test Directory: SUCCESS!

Cleaning Test Directory: SUCCESS!