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No Spam <> wrote:
> FMP's ability to export data as an HTML table is nice, but it would be
> nicer if I could have more control. The minor question is whether I can
> add cell formatting (BORDER, ALIGN, etc). This would be trivial to do
> with a separate 'back-end' perl script, but can FMP do it for me?
> It wouldn't be much harder for that script to produce something like
> what you can do in the 'table view' listing mode: multiple sets of
> columns across the page. You might call this 'n-up' records. Yet
> again, it would be nice if FMP could export HTML that would reproduce
> that format from a browser.
> Is there something in the basic, or even the developer package that
> would accomplish either of these?
If you'll pardon the plug here, maybe the easiest way to get the extact
look you want is to use WebMerge, which generates static Web pages from
exported database content using template pages you can design in any
HTML authoring tool you prefer.

WebMerge uses simple tags inspired by CDML, giving you many of the same
benefits of dynamic generation without the server overhead.

For details see: