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Our Winboy Howard gave you some valuable points, I will add some small
linux related info.
> I already have a 4 node linux cluster (openmosix) running on rh kernel
> version 2.4.20openmosix I plan on borrowing a small dell nas array ( 4 disks
> 60 GB ) which will function as the shared filesystem area. The
> pc's/servers are all p3 500mhz with 256 mb of memory and 10gb local disk.
> My Questions are these:
> 1. Can I use the pre-existing openmosix kernel or do I need to down
> grade to 2.4.9 kernel and then just force the install of the
> oracle rpm overtop my existing configuration?
It should work. I'm running Oracle 9.2 EE on 2.4.18 kernel. However,
there is nothing like oracle rpm. Oracle software doesn't use this
kind of installer. You will get three CDs with Oracle own proprietary
installation software. You will need about 512MB RAM memory to run
this beast and working X-Windows or X emulation.
> 3 Has anyone served rac using a NAS solution. Is anyone aware of
> performance benefits or drawbacks?
I do not know this Dell array, because we're using Symmetrixs,
slightly bigger arrays, but everything depend on your application.
Howeverer, you should know that with four disk you wouldn't get a big
performance if we're talking about databases.


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