Try seeing if you already have a tnsnames.ora in the
ORACLE_HOME\network\admin directory. Delete them if so. And then try again.


"efiedler" <> wrote in message om...
> Hi -
> I have installed Oracle 8i 1.7 client on a machine running Windows
> 2000 Advanced server. Everthing installed correctly, with the
> exception of the Net8 Configuration Assistants. They apparently did
> install (as they appear under the oracle directory on my windows start
> menu) but when I select either the Net8 Config. Assistant, or Net8
> assistant to run, nothing happens. An hourglass appears for a bit,
> then nothing.
> I understand there are some .cl files that need to be modified on
> Pentium machines (I believe). You must add "-nojit" to the jrew
> command line. I did this on the server machine running Win2000 Server
> and it all works fine. On the client machine, running Win 2000 Adv.
> Server i added the same commands to the .cl files and it does not
> work.
> Any thoughts?
> Thanks.