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LOAD ought to be very fast provided your DB2 environment is set up
okay; would worry more about the extract times. Options that might
help would be performing multiple extracts at once - even from the
same table (program cursors tend to be a bottleneck and that's one way
to overcome this); or if your Oracle application reliably timestamps
row inserts/updates, maybe you could do two extracts. The first would
run while the Oracle system is online, extracting all records
inserted/updated since the earliest ever time, and then loading them
to DB2 with the LOAD utility. The second essentially a repeat, but
with Oracle system offline and only extracting records
inserted/updated since the start of the previous run - these then
loaded to DB2 using IMPORT with INSERT_UPDATE mode - should be quick
because volumes would presumably be much lower. You could still
stream the extracts to minimise downtime even more.

Oracle people should be able to advise best on maximising speed of
Oracle extract to file.