My son's iMac DV has died, won't start up at all. I tried a new battery
but it didn't help. At this point he is thinking of buying a new iMac,
he is just waiting for Macworld to see if there are new Macs announced.
Currently we use an original AirPort Base Station to provide internet
to both his iMac and my iBook. Will the AirPort card still work if he
gets a new iMac? I wasn't sure if the new ones had to use the AirPort
Extreme card or not. It would be nice to not have to buy a new card. If
it does need the AirPort Extreme card, then will that be compatible
with the older base station? Thanks for any help with this.

On a related subject, does anyone have any thoughts on the death of the
iMac DV? It seems to have happened after a short power outage here. My
cable modem also had to be reset after the outage, but the iMac doesn't
do anything at all when we try to start it up. The green light on the
front flashes briefly sometimes when you press the button, but no
sounds or even the beginning of a startup process. We are in the
quandary of deciding whether to have it looked at or just go straight
to the new iMac. It costs $75.00 just for an estimate. Also, if we do
get the new iMac, is there any way I can take the hard drive out of the
iMac DV and put it into my beige G3/333 tower as a second hard drive
(assuming it's not the hard drive that is dead). I would appreciate any
help with this also. Let me know if more info is needed to answer this.

Thanks in advance,