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> Jun 28 22:52:11 myComputer mach_kernel: USBF: 854. 95
> AppleUSBOHCI[0x2302000]::MakeDevice error setting address.
> err=0xe00002ed device=0x2da6200 - releasing device
> I haven't built a kernel or used a 'real' USB device. I have used a
> USB pen light but that hardly counts. Any ideas?? I have no problem
> reinstalling the system as I haven't done anything yet.
If you decode the error in there you'll find its an IOKit error (the
oxe part), its not particularly trivial decoding Mac OS X errors, but
there's a doent about how to do it. Looking in the IOKit framework
at IOReturn.h will tell you:

#define kIOReturnNotResponding iokit_common_err(0x2ed) // device not

The USB family tried to talk to the device and it did not properly
respond. If you're serious about debugging this you'd need a USB
yser to see what's really going on on the bus.

Also if you're really wanting to debug it, you might want to build an
IOUSBFamily, not the kernel. The IOUSBFamily is a kernel extension.

If by "USB pen light" you mean one of those lights which plugs into the
USB port and is just a light, I would not be surprised it did not
respond correctly they're really cruddy. I would be really surprised
that it was detected as attached at all, the ones I've seen don't have
any USB logic, they're just parasitic.

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