I just got another drive for one of my G4's, and decided to set it up
as a RAID1 mirror to the existing drive. So I backed up the files on
the existing drive, popped in my 10.2 CD, setup the software RAID1
volume and installed 10.2 -- and then updated to 10.2.6

However I am unable to install 9.2.2 via Classic on the RAID1 volume.
The error I get is "Unable to install on this media". Any tricks to
getting this done?

Right now, I have booted using the 9.2.2 CD, and am installing a
9.2.2 system folder to an external FW drive. I'm going to drag that
System Folder over to the RAID1 OS X volume, and see if Classic can
use it. But if it doesn't -- are there any tricks to getting this

Thanks a bunch!

Bev A. Kupf
Bev's House of Pancakes