sup y'all.

I use Mac OS X 10.4.3 and i have 2 users on my machine: Admin(root) and Joe
Bloggs (less privileges)
I tried to uninstall flash player 8 using
[url][/url] to do
some testing of the FP8 detection kit and my alternate content. the tool seemed
to work and i got a message telling me that everything had gone OK.
uninstallation successful.

when i tried to view my content in safari, all i got was an error message and
a cube with a question mark in it. in firefox, all i got was a blank screen.
i got the same thing even on the macromedia site. none of the menus at the top
were visible, just cubes with question marks inside.

in the html page, i inserted an "alert(flashVer)" at the end of the
"JSGetSwfVer" function and it said i had version 8.0.22.
clearly untrue.

eventually i tried the uninstaller while logged in as Admin and everything
worked fine for both users.

is this a permissions issue?
if so, should the (un)installer tell me that the operation couldn't be