My flat panel iMac 700mhz, 768MB, 30G hd, with the most updated version
of Jaguar has left me baffled.

Over the course of four days I had been working on a project using an
Appleworks word processing doent. I had been saving regularly and
even had closed and reopened the doent a few times while working on
the project. A few hours after completing the project, having
reformatted, checked the spelling, and saved in three different places,
I tried opening it and, much to my surprise, saw an older version of
the doent - I recognized some previous formatting with only one
quarter of the original information. I went to another backup copy of
the doent and opened that. It showed the same old formatting and
only one quarter of the original information. After doing some more
searching I realized the finished project was gone.

Hoping something really didn't disappear into the night, I downloaded a
demo software called something like dataviz, hoping to retrieve shreds
of the final 39 page doent and four days of work. The download
worked great but when I went to use it, it said that it couldn't work
from the startup disk, that I needed to reboot from a system disk. It
was an OSX only application so I couldn't boot into 9.2 in order to use
it. In the pre OSX days I just rebooted from the system disk and then
tried to fix whatever had gone wrong but when I tried to reboot from
the Jaguar System disk it wanted to reinstall Jaguar, which I didn't
want to do. I needed a Jaguar system to run from the disk so that I
could use the dataviz app to see if the shreds of my Appleworks doent
were on 10.2.6. So how does one boot into Jaguar from a system disk
like days of old?

While the Jaguar install disk was booted, I ran the disk first aid.
After booting back into Jaguar on my hard drive, I also reinstalled
Appleworks. It crashed repeatedly after that. I then when into the
System prefs and did a disk permissions repair - I don't know if that
would help any, but I gave it a try anyway. Eventually Appleworks
straightened out with less crashes, but still a few.

I then started working on the project again. While I was typing, the
screen dimmed and a message came up telling me to restart the computer.
I did so - then left the room for awhile so the grey screen with the
spinning wheel wouldn't make me crazier than I already felt. When I
came back after a cup of tea, and logged in, things seemed to work just

I have had Safari crash a few times and once the trash wouldn't empty -
the "beach ball" just kept spinning, so I had to restart. Sometime
things seem slow or strange - not right. Sometimes the computer will
sleep, sometimes it doesn't.

My pre-Jaguar brain wants to go to Appleworks and give it more memory.
I know this is not supposed to be necessary in Jaguar. I don't know
about the rest of it. I would appreciate any ideas. And, would really
like to know how to boot from a Jaguar system disk in order to make
repairs, etc.