Awhile back we discussed <> ways to save forum threads for later use. Barb B suggested MacJournal <>. I've been using MacJournal for archiving these threads since early 2002. If I find an interesting thread I would copy & paste to MacJournal.

Lately I've been on a quest to use OS X's "Services" as much as I can. As I was playing around with the various Services I noticed that MacJournal had services. The light went on, so to speak, and now I'm using the "New entry with selection" service provided by MacJournal. I don't know if it's any easier than copying and pasting, but it's much cooler and it makes me feel good that I found another program that takes advantage or OS X's Services.

Anyway, I just thought I'd share that moment of clarity (those are few and far between for me these days ;-) ) in case there's anyone out there who didn't already know about this.