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OT-Virus Control - Adobe Photoshop Elements

Carl, i've made some of my own but the one above isn't one of them. It's basically creating a bunch of layers ( think of a movie clip ) and then saving as a 'gif' animation ( check 'loop' so that it plays over and over again). The tough part is using the least amout of layers as possible as to keep the kb's low for quick loading. Try one...they are fun to make ! There is a preview button in the save for web screen so you can check it out from time to time before commiting to a ...

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    Carl, i've made some of my own but the one above isn't one of them. It's basically creating a bunch of layers ( think of a movie clip ) and then saving as a 'gif' animation ( check 'loop' so that it plays over and over again). The tough part is using the least amout of layers as possible as to keep the kb's low for quick loading. Try one...they are fun to make ! There is a preview button in the save for web screen so you can check it out from time to time before commiting to a save ( just cancel the screen to go back to edit screen )
    Jodi Frye Guest

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    Dick Smith Guest
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    Jodi Frye Guest
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    "Jodi Frye" <> wrote in message
    > What gets me, those of you who aren't using anti-virus software...
    > how would you know whether you have a virus or not ?
    I don't know about you, but I don't ask my doctor to check me for STD's on a
    regular basis. Yet, I know that I don't have any.

    You are right...some people would not know enough about their computer to
    know whether the things that they do might cause them to contract a virus.
    However, some people do. I can't speak for everyone not using anti-virus
    software, but I can speak for myself. And I say that I am technically
    proficient enough to know for a fact that my computers are virus-free.

    As for "why chance it", I already explained that. I have used anti-virus
    software on and off ever since there was such a thing. And in my own
    experience, anti-virus software has caused more headaches than it has
    prevented. It has NEVER detected a virus on any computer I used, but it HAS
    caused data corruption and serious performance problems.

    It really just depends on one's ability to manage one's own risk, versus any
    potential drawbacks the anti-virus software may cause. In my own case, I am
    better off without anti-virus software than with.


    Peter Duniho Guest

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    I think of antivirus software more like car insurance. Even if I am a very safe driver, know my car intimately, have regular tune ups and have never been in an accident, I still pay for the car insurance...because wisdom tells me that not everyone is as safe a driver as I am.

    That's my reasoning anyway. :-)

    Patti Anderson Guest

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    That, I think, summarizes this all :) Nicely put, Patti!


    Ray Guest

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    My antivirus software (Norton Internet Security/NAV) was busy about a year
    ago fending off various attacks and viruses, until my ISP (RoadRunner)
    installed additional defenses; now it sits quietly most of the time...but
    did detect some worms a few weeks ago. I'll keep it...


    Chuck Snyder Guest

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    Ok Pete, I know you are bound and determined but i think the virus software you used years ago just plain put it lightly ( don't take that personal ) I never have any conflicts with my virus software and like Chuck, my Norton usually catches and spits out something about once every 2 weeks. Sometimes it's in e-mail attachments and other times it's backdoor trojans. Without anti-virus software I'd probably be losing some data as we speak.
    Jodi Frye Guest

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    I think it depends on a lot of things--not only how technically proficient you are, but also how you use your computer.

    For the reasons Peter and others have mentioned, I gave up using anti-virus software years ago. It's probably better now, as Jodi says, but it still occasionally causes conflicts and slows down the computer. And that happens everyday, compared to a virus which causes conflicts and slows down the computer only once in a while. :-)

    But it's more than that. I'm the kind of paranoid (why are you looking at me like that?!) person who almost never opens attachments unless I'm expecting them. I also know the different ways that viruses can be auto-launched (I don't use Outlook; I know that an attachment that shows up as "info.txt" can really be a Microsoft scripting macro under the covers, etc.). I read geeky online sites several times daily (,, etc.), so I know when I need to run Microsoft's Windows Update or Apple's Software Update for security patches. I don't use floppies on public computers, such as at a library.

    Most people don't do or know these things (I'm a software developer/architect), and most people shouldn't *have* to know these things. So for them, Antivirus software helps. And as others pointed out, it's not just anti-virus software--you should be *RELIGIOUSLY* downloading patches from Windows Update, if you run that operating system.

    I've only gotten a virus once in my life, and that was from a floppy that <ahem> my wife brought home from a college computer. Of course, there was the time I was helping a fellow graduate student try to fix her boss' Mac and we ended up spreading a virus all over his hard drive. Boy was he ticked!

    What can I say, everyone's different. Vive le difference! (Sorry, Raymond, I don't really know French!)
    L Miranda Guest

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    Good enough ! Différence is a feminine word (for those interested, French has gender for
    everything, from political parties to deep sea fishes, including the Planets and computer parts!).
    So it's "Vive la différence".

    But, as I said before, nobody ever commented on my numerous English mispelled word, so why would I
    do it for those trying French? :-) All here (except on one occasion) have made the efforts of
    understanding me, 5 stars for everyone! And the beers / coffees / teas are on me for the night :)


    Ray Guest

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    Default Re: OT-Virus Control

    Ray, set me up with a glass of red wine,,,ah , forget it, i don't drink anymore. That is what i had a problem with learning that french language...feminine and masculine version of words !!! What is that and who thought of it ??? un, une > un beaux > une belle the heck are you suppose to know if an object is masculine or feminine...forget it...i don't want to know...It was tough being an English girl in a French school....but the boys were very cute ;)
    Jodi Frye Guest

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    Virusses etc. are the reason why I had to buy an extra computer to work in Photoshop as I cannot take the risk of losing my images. I'm running Norton on my pc at home and the one in the studio will never be connected to the internet

    Hey, right at the moment I'm typing this, Norton detected an infected email....

    Ray, I suppose you are mailing in French as well. Recently I noticed in France they officially have to use the word "couriel" instead of "email". Do you, living in Canada, use the same word or is this typically French of the "enfants de la patrie" in France?

    Leen Koper Guest

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    Jodi, there's no way to learn. Memorizing it, that's all there is to learning word's gender in


    Ray Guest

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    Default Re: OT-Virus Control


    Quebec is rather very "advanced" when it comes to the language. We used "courriel" for about 4
    years now, officially. I have to say, "officially" because if you talk to 99% of the population,
    they still use the word "e-mail", as I've wrote it now. I can't talk for the rest of Canada because
    the other French communities are not really linked together (distance is great and people are few in


    Ray Guest

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    "Leen Koper" <nl> wrote in message news:<la2eafNXanI>... 

    You can find the truth of the _courriel_ story in a discussion thread
    beginning at http://groups./group/unicode/messages/19948?expand=1.

    It looks like some news stringer in Paris attempted to make the French
    government look rediculous by passing on a simple change in a
    government style sheet to a term already in common use as an attempt
    to enforce a change in the French language.

    This urban legend about a supposed French language idiocy spread
    wildly through anti-French America. (If this is the only thing they
    can blame the French for ...)

    Jim Allan
    jallan Guest

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