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"Out-of-gamut" colors. - Adobe Illustrator Macintosh

I won't go into details on why I want this preference back, so I'll just keep this shorter by asking: For some reason I lost my ability to apply "out of gamut" colors to my images I want viewed on my monitor. I figured it was a preference somewhere, but I can't find anything to solve the problem, and I don't know why I lost this ability. I'll pick a sharp color to display an item on my monitor, and when applied to my image it is now automatically changed to the closest "in-gamut" color. I don't know what I ...

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    Default "Out-of-gamut" colors.

    I won't go into details on why I want this preference back, so I'll just keep this shorter by asking: For some reason I lost my ability to apply "out of gamut" colors to my images I want viewed on my monitor. I figured it was a preference somewhere, but I can't find anything to solve the problem, and I don't know why I lost this ability. I'll pick a sharp color to display an item on my monitor, and when applied to my image it is now automatically changed to the closest "in-gamut" color. I don't know what I did to change it to this, but I would like to get this capability back. (working with cymk on aics)
    thanks for your help Guest

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    Default Re: "Out-of-gamut" colors.

    With no responses, I do not know if this is even displaying in the forum so I will reply and see if this is shown. Guest

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    Default Re: "Out-of-gamut" colors.

    Trash AI preferences?
    Dee Guest

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    Default Re: "Out-of-gamut" colors.

    Michael, I thought the 'Out of Gamut' warning only applied to RGB files whose colour would not be (CMYK) printable? Therefore if you select a CMYK mixture from the colour palette it cannot be unprintable and the screen simulation of that CMYK colour would rely on how the monitor was calibrated.

    What doent colour mode were you working to? What type/mode of images were you using? Guest

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    Default Re: "Out-of-gamut" colors.

    When I create a new doent I select under "color mode"... CMYK. Just for testing I will create a box and double click on my fill box in the palette and that will bring up my color picker. In my color picker will be "select color" box, my slider, and to the right of that (this will formulate my next question) is percentage value boxes with circles to the left of them which would allow me to select one individually, HOWEVER: regarding these selection circles- they are only showing next to "HSB" and "RGB". Why aren't they showing next to "CMYK"? Guest

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    Default Re: "Out-of-gamut" colors.

    Now after just playing around, I changed my doent color mode to RGB, and in my color palette I changed it to cmyk- everything worked. However, I didn't have to do this before and because my color mode is still actually RGB, would this be a problem at the printer/service bureau.
    yes, I am confused. Any help appreciated! Guest

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    Default Re: "Out-of-gamut" colors.

    I didn't realise you were selecting colours from the colour picker. The HSB refers to Hue, Saturation and Brightness as percentages, and RGB from 0-255. I've never used this feature before, but I think it's there to view the components of the CMYK mix; the hue, saturation and brightness; red, green and blue components by constraining one of the planes within the colour space. The result of CMYK mixing can be viewed in the top small box. Maybe someone else can explain why the CMYK colour gamut cannot be viewed like the RGB space and explored. However, the warning triangle should still alert you to colours not in the CMYK gamut while dragging around the selection circle. Guest

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    Default Re: "Out-of-gamut" colors.

    Would the fact that my doent color mode is rgb while my color is cymk be a problem when printed? Guest

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    Default Re: "Out-of-gamut" colors.

    If the file is to be press-printed it really needs to be CMYK to preserve the colour numbers when opened at the vendor. The CMYK values you see in the colour palette is the process simulation of an RGB colour, which doesn't necessarily mean that the file is CMYK; the same can be said for switching to Websafe etc.

    It also depends on what format you are supplying the file. We have had instances in the past where a file was supplied as AI EPS, but the CMYK PostScript box wasn't checked in the Save dialogue box. The file was technically saved as an RGB file...

    How are you saving and supplying the file? Guest

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    Default Re: "Out-of-gamut" colors.

    When I finish a project (I am just starting out so there aren't too many yet) I burn the artwork (logo's) onto a CD in the following formats... .ai(cs), .ai(8), .eps, .pdf, and .jpeg. On the disk I supply my phone # if there are any printer problems. So far no problems (or problems that came back to me), however I just recently ran into this problem. I know the "in gamut" colors are made for printing, however the limitations on this current problem are keeping the colors very dull, that is why I want to stretch slightly out of gamut because I know printers/press can go her than the dull colors the cmyk doents are forcing me to go. (By forcing I mean actually changing my color selected into an "in gamut" color.) Before it would give me a warning symbol telling me it was out of gamut, but not actually changing my colors. This is the problem I am trying to solve.
    thanks for you responses Guest

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    Default Re: "Out-of-gamut" colors.

    Hmm, it's strange that the colours are automatically changing. Maybe someone else can shed light on this as I've had experience of this.

    If you are using Pantones, then visit their website <> to download some swatch libraries. You may be able to find a colour better than using the picker as it also gives the CMYK simulation values. You will have to register, but it's a fantastic site for resourcing with a great FAQ corner, and printer profiles and lots of information on Colorsync workflows for consistent soft-proofing.

    Good luck with the work! Guest

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    Default Re: "Out-of-gamut" colors.

    What is accomplished by creating colors that are out of gamut? Doesn't Ai automatically create the closest available cmyk combination, anyway, if you save as cmyk color in cmyk mode? Saving in rgb to go to press can result in disaster. If your printer doesn't notice and fix your files for you, you can end up with grayscale images replacing your color, or color conversions that bear little resemblance to what you wanted. That may explain the dullness of your colors?

    If your colors are coming out too dull, calibration may be in order. Guest

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    Default Re: "Out-of-gamut" colors.

    Yes ai does create the closest cmyk combination, and right now that is the problem because the closest combination is very dull. I stretch the limit to get appealing graphics because in the past it would let me, and the printed product were the colors I wanted. Now however it changes my colors, and that is the problem because I don't know why and I cannot fix it. I am going to keep up with this thread and start a new one because there has to fix it.
    Thanks for your reply. Guest

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    Default Re: "Out-of-gamut" colors.

    Have you tried trashing AI preferences, create a new user account with administrative privileges, or trash your old monitor calibration and recalibrating?
    Dee Guest

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    Default Re: "Out-of-gamut" colors.

    Have you printed any of the jobs with the colors that look dull to you? My guess is that they'll generally look correct on press, if you could proof them against the color you wanted.

    Do you have a Pantone cmyk swatch book available? How do the colors you achieve in Ai compare with the physical swatch in the book for the same cmyk mix? If your ai colors seem duller than the swatch, I suspect a calibration issue. If everything is properly calibrated there ought to be no reason to push any color out of gamut. Using colors which are out of gamut will leave you guessing how your final output will appear. Guest

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    Default Re: "Out-of-gamut" colors.

    Let me end my obsession with possibly trying to do something that is not possible. Instead of wasting everyones time in the forum, I spent 35 minutes on the phone with an adobe tech today. We spent 30 minutes trying to correct my issue, it concluded with the the answer... it cannot be done. (why wasn't I informed of this before we spent 30 minutes trying to correct the issue... he is the tech, and I spent $$ to talk to him.) Let me post this question to anyone reading this...
    If you create a doent in CMYK mode and create a simple box, is it possible to select and apply an out-of-gamut color from the color picker? (I really thought I could in the past, however I was exploring option in "edit"/"color settings" and "assign profile", and then I could not. (What is recommended in these two areas, and again, can the above be done?)
    Your input is greatly appreciated Guest

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    Default Re: "Out-of-gamut" colors.

    As I said in a previous post, I thought I was doing it in AI9 for Windows. But now that you say it was selecting a better match, I'm not so sure. I can click to an out of gammut color, but it does look duller when I go back to the color pallet. And no warning in the color pallet.

    Maybe that's why it's worked for you for so long? It's just been changing to the closest match?
    Dee Guest

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    Default Re: "Out-of-gamut" colors.

    I am questioning myself to that question also, however I really think I would have noticed it. Also, I was in the Apple Store (first time; I found a new home) two days ago and one of the employee's was a graphic artist who worked with aics. She was pretty sure she could do it, so we went to one of the computers and it looked like we did it, however when she left I made a change in edit/color settings, and then changed it back. After that I could not do it. So I guess I will leave the same open forum question:

    Can an "out of gamut" color chosen in the color picker be applied in a CYMK doent. (or is it automatically changed to the nearest "in gamut" color? Guest

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    Default Re: "Out-of-gamut" colors.

    The mode that the doent is in will ALWAYS change a color build to the doents color mode and it is influenced by the CM settings used.

    So, in cmyk mode, creating a out of gamut color once deselected will convert to what it thinks is a closest match and is influence by the CM settings.

    It may take a second or two for the screen to refresh out of the out of gamut color, but it will NOT let a out of gamut color from the color mode be retained in an embedded object. Guest

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    Default Re: "Out-of-gamut" colors.

    By the abbreviation CM settings I am going to assume that you are referring to "color mode".
    Are there settings in a CMYK doent that WILL let you apply an "out of gamut"color?
    I am fairly new to ai, and I haven't played around too much in "edit"/"color settings" or "edit"/"profiles", but it is when I touched one of these settings that I first noticed my colors changing. Although like I mentioned above I am questioning myself now, and your reply confirms it, but again is there a setting (other than the doc being RGB) in one of these area's that would allow it?
    thanks for your help. Guest

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