My problem is the following. I'm working on rather large panels
(55cm/~20" wide). The outer glow arrow a title has to have a radius of
about 8 pt to be visible at all. BUT if I use such a large radius, the
glow is nearly white, and has nothing to do with the selected color.
(i guess this is due to the drop of the center of the gauss-curve
caused by the large width. -> the curve seems to have area 1 under the
curve, instead of constant value 1 at 0). The only way to get the
desired color, is to stack many glow effects, which requires losts of

Now the question(s):

Is there a way, to simulate this glow-effect by use of native
illustrator filters: (i.e. dropshadow or feather).
Will there be any problems when printing or film-processing?
Will there be problems when stacking these effects on other effects
(transparencies, gradients)?

best regrards

p4 3,2
Illustrator 10.0.3