"mk sabeel" <mk_sabeelyahoo.co.in> wrote:
>i am filtering a form by using the apply filter feature.
>After filtering i am outputting the result of the
>filtering onto a text file by running a macro and using in
>the macro the "Output To" action
>i want to output the form to a text in such a way that the
>feilds of the form appear in the text file one below the
>other like-
>feild name feild value
>feild name feild value
>feild name feild value

no way with a macro or using standard export VBA code like OutputTo
method or TransferText method. Alternatives:

- using VBA: load the filtered records as a recordset in code, then
write the file linewise in code using the Print statement
- eventually using Word: create a template with the layout you wish,
then from Access create a new doent based on template, fill it and
save/print it as needed.
- export the text file as usual, then open it in Excel and transpose
the table.

Best regards

Emilia Maxim
PC-SoftwareService, Stuttgart