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My neice recently placed high in an important swimming event. I want to take the results which I have in a pdf file and overlay a picture of her ao that I can have the results as a backround for the picture. I tried several things but have been getting nowhere. What should I do? Robert Daniels net...

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    My neice recently placed high in an important swimming event. I want to take the results which I have in a pdf file and overlay a picture of her ao that I can have the results as a backround for the picture. I tried several things but have been getting nowhere. What should I do?

    Robert Daniels
    RobertDaniels1 Guest

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    Robert, I don't work with PDF, but try this while waiting for somebody else to respond who knows what they're talking about! The concept here is to create two separate images that can be combined on one canvas, and you'll be using Opacity to adjust the degree of visibility of the background through your niece's face.

    First, see if you can convert the PDF doent to another format like TIFF or PSD. I don't happen to know if this will work or not, but if it will, we're on a roll! Then, check the resolution of that image through Image>Resize>Image Size.

    Once you're able to convert the PDF to a somewhat standard image format, make sure the image of your niece is in the same format and set to the same resolution.

    Also make sure the Layers pallet is open so you can watch what's going on.

    Open the file containing the image you want as the background, which I believe you said would be the results, and leave it open on your desktop.

    Now open the image of your niece. On your Layers pallet,double click on the background layer, which will simplify it.

    Now, with the picture of your niece still active, select the Move tool, click on the image, and drag it to the "results" image.

    If I'm envisioning this right, you should be frustrated because all you've accomplished is to cover the results with your niece's face. Not to panic. Move over to the Layers pallet, make sure the picture of your niece is the active layer (it'll be highlighted), and look toward the top of the pallet for "Opacity." Click on the arrow to the right, and you'll get a slider. Reduce the opacity until the meet results are visible through the face.

    I've never tried anything quite like this, but it should get you started. There are some exceptionally creative people who'll be along shortly to correct my instructions, I'm sure! :)
    Beth Guest

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    Robert, congratulations to your niece! O\one relatively straightforward way

    1. Open both the results pdf and the picture of your niece in Elements.
    2. Make sure both pictures are set to RGB color (Image<Mode<RGB Color) and
    set to the same resolution (Image<Resize<Image Size, set ppi)
    3. Copy the picture of your niece (Select<All then Edit<Copy)
    4. Paste onto the results picture (Edit<Paste). This will give you a
    second layer on the results picture
    5. Choose the layer your daughter's picture is on in the Layers palette of
    the results picture. Then reduce the opacity (slider on the layers palette)
    until the results become visible below her picture. You might have to go
    down to 70-80% or lower to achieve the desired effect

    You may have to play with the sizes of the pictures to get exactly the image
    you're after.

    Hope that steers you in the right direction.


    Chuck Guest

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    Beth, I think we gave Robert two very similar ways to accomplish the same
    thing - that's good!


    Chuck Guest

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    I noticed that! The other thing I noticed was that you said the PDF file could stay in that format; that's one thing I wasn't sure about. I guess I better work with those someday and get a little more knowledgeable about their strengths and weaknesses.
    Beth Guest

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    Beth, once you open it, it's no longer a PDF or a TIFF or a JPEG; it's just
    a bunch of pixels at that point. Important thing: convert both (if
    necessary) to RGB>

    Gotta head out to dinner - more later!


    Chuck Guest

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    Thanks - You made me amaze myself. I did use the PDF file without any change. I am a little confused about how to use the layers pallet correctly but I'll keep trying.

    Robert Daniels
    RobertDaniels1 Guest

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    Once you succeeded -and no doubt you will with these instructions- it is time to fine tune this image in a very simple way.

    Click on the selection brush, set the feather to about 100 or higher and paint roughly over the face. Go to the selection menu and reverse the selection.
    Now you set the opacity for the text much higher.
    Deselect and that 's all. NOw you have mastered a few new techniques. So many other ones to go...;-)

    Leen Guest

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    I am knew to the forum (or any) but I have a question and I think you might know the answer. I am trying to load black and white pdf files into Elements and then save them as tiffs or bmps so that I can import them into Quark 3.32. Elements seems top let mwe do this, and I can open the tiff and bmp files in Elements, but when I got o quark, it displays the files in the menu, but then says it cannot find them. In an earlier post, you said that once tghe file is opened in Elements, it is just a bunch of pixels, so this should work. Any ideas?
    Jon Guest

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    Jon, hello and welcome. I don't know anything about Quark, unfortunately; however, if it's supposed to be able to open .bmp and .pdf files, I would think it should open the ones generated by Elements. Did you close the files in Elements before trying to open with Quark? Some programs may not like trying to deal with an image that's already open in another program...

    Chuck Guest

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