turn trails off when ur brush is over the palette area that way it won't
"stick" to it.
What code are you using to constrain the brushhead to the square?

"digitaldaz" <webforumsusermacromedia.com> wrote in message
> Hey guys !
> Another one for you all thats puzzling me.
> Im doing a colouring game using sprite trails whcih ive attached to a
vector shape. Ive then got seceral other vector circles that are acting as
my colour palletes, each colour pallet has the follwong behaviour attached
to it :-
> on mouseUp
> sprite(47).color = rgb(0,0,0)
> end
> Obvioulsy each colour pallete has a differnet RGB value which changes
sprite 47 (which is my brush) to that particular colour.
> The problem I have is that lets say you select the black colour and you
paint for a few moments on the stage, you then choose the red colour and
then again go back to the black.
> Problem being that its painting onto the actual colour palletes so
eventually the colour palletes are covered in the colour you had before you
clicked onto them.....if that makes sense.
> Also i want to constrain my brush head to the actual square that ive
created to paint on. Ive tried constrain behaviour but for some reason that
doestn work.
> Can anyyone offer me any help please? As usual its appreciated.
> Thansk to all who have helped on this project so far :)
> daz