Here is a question that I do not suspect there is an easy solution to. Well,
we will see.

Back in January I upgraded to a Palm VIIx. Previously I had been using a Palm
VII, and before that an IIIe. Ever since I upgraded I've noticed I've been
unable to sync at any speed past 57600 baud. At first I worked desperately to
get the 115K syncing speed back, but was unable to, and tried everything under
the sun to resolve the issues. Palm technical support was a waste of time (Why
oh why do so many people confuse Windows & Macintosh)? After doing some
research I discovered that the culprit behind the syncing speed may be
something to do with the chips in my VIIx and the 6360 motherboard, which
limits the newer device to 57600 syncing speeds. While 57600 is okay for basic
PIM transfers, its a huge pain when syncing Quicken datafiles. As a result I
do not sync transactions dated more than a year old in any of my accounts.

It's so strange that my previous 2 Palm Pilots were able to sync at 115K, and
the new model is not. Setting the serial port speed to 115200 or "As fast as
Possible" does not work, as the Palm just hangs during the sync process.
Changing the serial port does not work, booting with limited extensions does
not work, and I wont try what Palm Mac Technical support recommended, and that
was to reformat my hard drive, and reinstall Mac OS 9.1.


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