I'm not entirely sure what it is that you are trying to do but at a guess
you want to manipulate a URL's parameters. This is easily achieved using the
System.URI class.

System.URI myurl = new
System.URI([url]http://www.google.com/?blah=abc&blah2=1234[/url]) // the url should be
a string literal, but my news client keeps removing the quote chars

You can then read and modify the various elements that make up the URI via
the object's properties. The one that you want to access is the Query

This will return the entire querystring, but you can easily manipulate that
without having to worry about the other elements of the URI. Another
advantage of using the URI class is that it's used extensively by the
System.Net web client methods.

Neil Ramsbottom

"Marilu" <carmen.chicobco.pichincha.com> wrote in message
> Like collecting data of a ASP, calling from a ASPX. This
> ASP returns string, and I need to recover it to be able to
> manipulate it in the ASPX,
> JAVA is :
> URL url_o=new URL(http:\\page.asp?params="usu.....)
> URLConnection urlconn_o=url_o.openconnecction();