"William B. Lurie" <billurieieee.org> wrote in message
> This is a new thread because I'm narrowing down my query.
> From previous answers I'm getting the impression that my Master HDD,
> which is NTFS and has Windows XP Home Edition on it,
> can not be partitioned in its present state, in order to be able to
> install Windows ME in a separate partition. Is this correct?
> Next question: When I run Partition Magic 8.0 to attempt
> to partition that HDD, I get their "Error 1513" which they have
> been working since February to try to fix. So using that third-
> party software to accomplish this, is not working.
> William B. Lurie
Another option to partitioning your drive is to use an emulator.
Vmware will allow you to run ME in a window under XP.
I have done this before using the Vmware Workstation.
Check out [url]http://www.vmware.com[/url] and see if this may work for you.