In the sample application that comes with flash mx, when I click on the
simpleconnect and look at parameters it has an Application Directory and if I
put rtmp://domain name/conf/sample then it creates a chat and whoever uses that
chat is in the same chat with me if I create another one, and put rtmp://domain
name/conf/sample22 in the Application directory, the person that uses it will
be in a separate chat

I want to see if I can do this by passing the end of the parameter from the
outside of the SWF file. I know by creating the two SWF files with the hard
coded Application Directory will work, but I would like to know how this can be
done programatically, either by passing the parameter from a PHP page before
etc, so it changes the Application directory from lets say

rtmp://domain name/conf/100
rtmp://domain name/conf/200

and make a different chat session so the two groups don't have to use the same
chat. So one SWF file, to take a parameter and create a new chat session

I read someplace that I would have to put rtmp://domain
name/conf/_root.meetingid.text at the end of the rtmp path (this was a site
that was explaining how to do a meeting type application) but I can't get that
going, I think I am missing something. I would appreciate any type of help on