I've had this problem with FWMX ever since I got it. Normally, I just shut
it down, go fire up FW4 and do what I need. However, I no longer have FW4
installed, and this problem is really getting to me. Here's the skinny...

The issue is with Paste as Mask. I have a photo. I draw a shape that I want
the photo to be shaped like. I cut that shape from the canvas, then select
the photo and paste as mask. Presto! Well, sometimes.

I just did this with two photos in MX. The first one worked no problem. The
second one didn't work at all. When I pasted as mask, everything on the
canvas disappeared. No photo. No shape.

Rebooting usually clears this up, and I can get away with doing another
image before everything falls apart again. I would reboot now to get this
image I need done, BUT it's 9th inning in Oakland... (I'm listening on
MLB.com radio)... go A's!!

As previously mentioned, this has been a consistent problem for me with
FWMX, but I never experienced this with FW4. I currently am running this on
WinXPpro, and previously ran it on Win2kpro.

Has anyone else experienced this? Any words of advice? All comments

SAM :)