Hi group,

I just bought an Orinoco/Lucent/WaveLAN for my PB1400 (PC Card, 16
Bit, not cardbus). I think I've got the perfect drivers for my OS 8.1
(from WaveLAN, Ver.
But nothing happens when I put the PC Card in the slot - neither in
upper nor in the lower pcmcia slot. Neither when I insert it when the
pb is
on, nor when it's off. No lights flash. At no time. No Icon on the
after installing the driver. No chance to configure it (error message
"software not properly installed"). Re-installed it. Nothing. Followed
instructions on http://www.penmachine.com/techie/airport1400.htm.
Apple Talk just shows "another ethernet" as an option, but gives out
error when trying to use it.

I even tried it with going back to os 7.6. No recognition of the card.
Years ago the pre-owner failed installing a PCMCIA modem, but couldn't
tell why it didn't work.

Anyone had similar problems? What could be the answer? Slot damaged?
Old PCMCIA drivers?

Greets, Bernd