In <> Donald Smith wrote:
> Am waiting for the PB g5's, any possibility of then being released by
> the end of the year, if not, when ? (educated guess!)
No one will reply under this condition! If anyone really knows what's
brewing in Cupertino, he's under heavy NDA protection. All that can be
said is that the low-power 970's are yet to be announced (while the
desktop 970's were in the limelight for about a year). This would
suggest another year in waiting - bear in mind, that after the release
of the "Yikes" G4 (autumn 1999) we had to wait more than a year for the
premiere of the Titanium G4 (january 2001). With the G3 the wait was
much shorter, but the difference between the G3 and 603 was small enough
for both to share the same motherboard (thus the "Kanga" powerbook,
essentially a 3400 with G3 upgrade). I bet the transition from 32-bit to
64-bit architecture must be as bersome for the engineers at Cupertino
as the transition from 68k to PPC. This would again suggest something
more than a year.

On the other hand, the low-cost 970's could be manufacured secretly (
it's not impossible for Apple - no rumorsites got the scoop on Big Al
and Mini Me or even the latest iPods), and powerbooks G5 could be
presented in Paris. Jobs only knows.

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