Hi guys

I hope someone can help, Using
as a basis and using the PEAR XML_RSS pr
I've hacked together a PHP script which pulls feed addresses from a
database then dumps new feed items into my mysql database - all was
going well with feeds such as
working fine but i've found a number of feeds that just get skipped over
rather than inserting ....
some of the feeds causing

At first I thought the cause was the difference in files decalring
themselves RDF rather than RSS but thats not the case - then I thought
it was the pr choking on & but the genealgytoday feed doesn't have
an & in it

The bit of the script that does the parsing and insert to the database....

foreach ($feeds as $f)
echo $f['address']."\n";
$this = split('/', $f['address']);
$fp = fsockopen ($this[2], 80, $errno, $errstr, 8);
if ($fp)
echo "connected to feed...";
//use php library's, pear's, XML_RSS class as the pr
$r = &new XML_RSS($f['address']);
echo "....feed pd now getting items....";
foreach ($r->getItems() as $value)
echo "I am inside the foreach but have I got any damn items....";
$value['title']= trim($value['title']);
echo $value['title']."\n...title of feed....";
$value['link']= trim($value['link']);
if ( (!in_array(trim($value['title']), $titles)) and
(!(in_array($value['link'], $links))) and ($value['title']))
$titles[] = $value['title'];
echo $value['title']."\n";
$links[] = $value['link'];
list($link, $extension) = explode(".", $value['link']);
$title = $value['title']." ".$value['description'];
$title = $value['title'];
$link = $value['link'];
$desc = $value['description'];
$date = $nowtime;
$site = $f['site'];

$querya = ("insert into genealogy_posts ( post_author,post_date ,
post_date_gmt, post_content, post_title, post_category, post_excerpt,
post_modified, post_modified_gmt, link) values ( '1',NOW(),
HOUR),'".mysql_escape_string($desc)."','".mysql_es cape_string($title)."',
'0', '".mysql_escape_string($desc)."', NOW() ,DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL 1
HOUR), '".mysql_escape_string($link)."')");


else {
echo "....nothing new here....";}
echo "unresponsive\n";

For those that fail I DONT get "I am inside the foreach but have I got
any damn items...." message

It has been suggested I need to escape the items (eg by addslashes() )
which I assumed to be cData in the PEAR RSS.php - but from what I gather
the script doesn't get far enough?

Any help is gratefully appreciated as I really don't have a clue ;-)