I'm currently using Flash MX and whenever I choose the Pen Tool
instead of the pen nib with the small "x" beside it that supposed to
show up on the stage, I just get a small "X" looking more like a cross

But the biggest problem I'm having is that when I use the Pen Tool to
create belzier curves and I go back to the original point from which I
started to make a shape, usually a circular shape, I do get the small
"o" beside the my "X" (there supposed to be pen nib instead) and when
I click, the shape takes place.

However, from there, when I click on the Arrow (Section Tool) and then
choose a shape I had just made, the thick crosshair does not appear
beside my "X". I just get a small rectangle and so when I click on
the shape I just created it does not "choose" the shape which creates
problems for me when I want to change the fill color or the stroke
color. Double click does not work either.

Anybody know what could be causing this? I'm learning the Flash MX
with Lynda's Beginner tutorial and I followed every single step
exactly as the tutorial, but I still can't get the thick crosshair to
sppear after I click on the Arrow button and bring it over a shape I
made with the Pen Tool.

Any input or suggestions would be greatly apprciated. So far, that's
the only funtion I'm having problems with. Other basic functions,
such as with the pencil, oval, rectangle tools and etc are working
just fine. Thank you for your time and courtesy.